Guide to improve your online security and defend privacy

Guide to improve your online security and defend privacy

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How many times have you read some news about hackers attacks? What is your first thought when you hear or see such news? Do you feel frightened? Do you think that it only happens to some popular and rich people? Well, SecForum has to disappoint you, because everyone is the target to hackers. It doesn’t matter if you think how you are ”not interesting”, because they think in the opposite way. Okay, what can you do about that? Interested to learn more about keeping yourself safe online and defending your privacy? Let’s take a look at our list!

”Wow, what a wonderful app!”

How many times have you downloaded some application just because you thought how it may be interesting or even making your life easier? We agree how there are numerous great apps nowadays, but you really need to be sure from where you are downloading those apps and from whom. Avoid third-party apps as much as you can.

All about logging in

Here, we want to mention how you always need to use a strong password. Of course, it needs to be long, and no, it must not be your pets name, okay? Just kidding a bit, but you got the point. Your password needs to be something you don’t even remember. So, how will you use it then? Write it down on a paper. Not on your phone, not on your computer. Besides that, never stay logged in to any account. Use different passwords for different accounts you have. What about ‘remember me’ button? It may sound like a time saver, but no, it is not good for your security.


If you want to surf online completely anonymously, here is where VPN connection strikes in! What will you get by using a Virtual Private Network? It won’t allow the network to detect your location, your personal information, it will keep you completely safe while you are surfing all those pages you want or need!

Your inbox

How does your inbox look like? Do you know all those people who have sent you those messages? Are you sure that you won’t be a phishing victim? Never open any message which you don’t know where it comes from and from whom. Be sure that you keep your inbox ‘clean’. If you get some suspicious message that wants you to click on something or to download something, don’t do that. It is a classical hackers’ phishing attack.


We are talking about the application here. In the previous fact, I have talked about your inbox, and you can connect that fact with this one. This is an easy to use app which will allow you to get encrypted messaging. Why is that so important? Well, it has numerous benefits, and the best ones would definitely be that this app will make you sure how there are no backdoors in your communication, it doesn’t collect any metadata, and records which may be uploaded by the user (you) won’t be further recorded and cannot be used by any intelligent service. Sounds amazing?


It is very important to secure your browsing. But, how to do that? You just need to be sure that you have chosen the right browser. You won’t feel comfortable knowing how ad networks can track you to any site you visit, right? Well, there is no browser that can be called perfect, but if you are a newbie or someone who has tried too many browsers and you are still not satisfied, we would highly recommend you to try Tor!

All in all, you are ready to go and to explore the cyber world now! Stay safe, stay anonymous!